Nicole Wilson – lawyer, environmentalist and mom

Commissioner Nicole Wilson is a licensed attorney who works in public interest and has helped individuals and non-profit environmental organizations navigate local, state and federal laws. Nicole believes that everyone has equal rights under the law and is committed to working on behalf of the underserved members of our community.

Nicole was born and raised in Gainesville Florida and moved to Central Florida over 20 years ago. Nicole received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and human services from Mercer University, and law degree from Barry University School of Law. Her legal studies included a concentration on environmental and earth law, and she gained practice experience in Barry Law’s Environmental and Earth Law Clinic and Advanced Clinic she went on to be named Associate Editor of the Environmental and Earth Law Journal and was awarded an Honors Certificate in Environmental and Earth Law.

What my district means to me

Being a Florida native, I have always treasured the natural beauty of Florida, which is why I decided to obtain a degree in environmental law. I aim to preserve the natural beauty of my home and hope that others who come to Florida will have the chance to do the same. 

My husband and I moved to District 1 over 20 years ago. We live in a place that encompasses vibrant metropolitan areas as well as natural corridors and open space. In my opinion, that is what our district is — a mesh of civilization and natural beauty. My goal as Commissioner is to champion for smart growth — balancing sustainable development of our economy while respecting the limits of our natural resources. 

Another aspect of my district that I treasure is the diversity in people. With differences in people’s race, ethnicity, language, gender identity, and income, I am challenged to make decisions that benefit all of those who reside here. Every day, I’m driven by the notion that I am working as an elected official for the people. The well-being of my constituents and all Orange County residents is a priority. I strive to be transparent, available and to listen to my constituents’ concerns; for without you, I would not be here. 

Communities in District 1

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Horizon’s West
Town of Oakland
Winter Garden
Bay Lake
Lake Buena Vista