Animal Rights

Orange County Animal Services

Orange County Animal Services offers a range of programs and services to care for our county’s pets and animals. “OCAS serves as the county’s only open admission pet shelter, which means no animal in need is ever turned away. As a result, the shelter is nearing capacity with resources stretched thin. Animal Services is calling on the community for help, asking for interested adopters and foster parents to step forward immediately to care for the animals.”

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Pet adoption is a fantastic way to welcome a new furry friend into the family. Adoption prevents additional demand on unethical and exploitative aspects of the pet industry, especially puppy and kitten mills. OCAS allows future pet owners to adopt cats and dogs directly from the county’s own shelters.

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Pet Reclaims

OCAS serves as the county’s lost and found for pets. OCAS fulfills the valuable service of collecting stray animals and pets and keeping them until they can be reclaimed by their owners.

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Spay and Neuter

In addition to their other services, OCAS also offers spaying and neutering services to pet owners.