At a gender affirming care rally last weekend, hateful individuals displayed signs that said “Stop Grooming Kids” with a Star of David. QAnon and related conspiracies are rooted in the idea that Jews are wealthy pedophiles trying to run the world and that the ‘Jewish/LGBTQ+/immigrant/etc. Agenda’ is out to replace you. There is no ‘agenda.’Continue reading “Nazism”

We Need a Holistic Approach to the Rent Crisis

Last week, the County Commission voted to require landlords give 60 days notice before rent increases larger than 5%. This is a small step toward creating a comprehensive tenants’ bill of rights. In August, we will have the final hearing to consider  putting a 1-year rent freeze of existing rentals on the ballot. This willContinue reading “We Need a Holistic Approach to the Rent Crisis”

Rent Stabilization and Tenants’ Rights

On the 26th, Orange County Commissioners will continue deliberating options to alleviate the rental crisis. Measures being discussed include a notice requirement, tenants’ bill of rights and potential rent freeze referendum. Hillsborough and Miami-Dade Counties recently passed tenant protections, but the rent stabilization question is trickier. Proponents reason that a lack of affordable housing inContinue reading “Rent Stabilization and Tenants’ Rights”

Separation Between Church and State

On July 12, I had the privilege to invite Winter Garden resident Joseph Richardson to give the invocation at the Board of County Commission meeting. Richardson is a founding member of the Central Florida Freethought Community and prominent humanist, and he gave a secular invocation discussing the importance of respecting each other, critical thinking, freedom,Continue reading “Separation Between Church and State”


The distribution of anti-Semitic literature in neighborhoods in Clermont earlier this month is concerning. According to the most recent FBI statistics, anti-Jewish attacks constitute 60% of religious attacks. We as individuals can fight against this discrimination by speaking out about anti-Semitic rhetoric and advocating for policy to support our local Jewish communities. No Holocaust survivorContinue reading “Antisemitism”


On July 13 and 14th, Orange County will be evaluating our Draft Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2022-2023. Orange County’s Budget is approximately $5 billion, 65% of which is restricted money funded by and to be spent towards Municipal Service Benefit Units/Municipal Service Taxing Units (MSBU/MSTU). Please tune in online at for OrangeTV’s liveContinue reading “Budget”

Independence Day Gun Violence

As the United States reached another anniversary of its independence, the national zeitgeist fell short of celebratory. Even before the holiday, Supreme Court decisions endangered the rights to clean air and water, to basic privacy, to bodily autonomy. Additionally, numerous shootings marred this July 4th weekend. The specter of ever-present gun violence even triggered aContinue reading “Independence Day Gun Violence”

Roe v. Wade

Landmark decision Roe v. Wade was overturned last week after several decades of protected reproductive freedom. Throwing away nearly 50 years of precedent not only takes away our power to make personal medical decisions, but it also reveals this Court’s disregard for stare decisis, an essential doctrine guiding decisions for settled legal issues in ourContinue reading “Roe v. Wade”