Roads Through Parks

Orange County residents have been clear about wanting to invest in and protect our parks and green spaces. And yet some officials looking for a cheap short cut make our public parks the “preferred route”. Orange County Commission was recently asked to approve a road through Cypress Grove Park, a treasured public green space inContinue reading “Roads Through Parks”

Hurricane Ian

Before, during, and after Hurricane Ian, Orange County’s first responders were unflinching in their support of our community. Even though Orange County isn’t coastal, we had water rescues all weekend. With unprecedented flooding, the response plan went off without a hitch, but recovery may be slow. Thank you to our incredible first responders who haveContinue reading “Hurricane Ian”

Climate Migration

Last week, we saw Hurricane Fiona wreak havoc on Puerto Rico and the Caribbean at large. As we consider housing policy, transportation infrastructure, and school capacity, we must keep climate migration and natural disaster resiliency at the top of mind. From a policy standpoint, we must make bold moves on housing supply and meaningfully investContinue reading “Climate Migration”

Housing Trust Fund

On Tuesday, County Commissioners unanimously approved a plan to create 2,550 affordable housing units in Orange County, along with a separate plan to incentivize the construction of more affordable housing. Despite all the attention on our rent stabilization ordinance, it is not a panacea. Rather, it is one of many ways we can begin toContinue reading “Housing Trust Fund”

Shingle Creek Recap

I get daily calls about flooded streets, backyards and even the parking lot for a high school football field but rarely have immediate solutions. On Tuesday, the Orange County Commission discussed the importance of the Shingle Creek Basin and mapped out an action plan for protection and preservation of this biodiverse environmental system. What doesContinue reading “Shingle Creek Recap”