Shingle Creek

This upcoming week, we are discussing one of the most important water bodies in Orange County, Shingle Creek. You may know Shingle Creek as the Headwaters of the Everglades, from the 528 sign near International Drive. Shingle Creek serves as our quintessential drainage basin in major rain events, water treatment before it touches the Everglades,Continue reading “Shingle Creek”

District 1 Powers the County

We recently had a Board presentation on residential development activity using permitting data. The data confirmed what we all know: District 1 is the main recipient of new housing of all types in the County. District 1 is the economic bread and butter of the County from housing to employment. As Labor Day approaches, let’sContinue reading “District 1 Powers the County”

High School Parking Spot Art

For those of us with high school seniors, last week was a joy. I love seeing our students back at school, making plans for their future and expressing their individuality with creative and witty parking spot art.  It was extra special to see the Horizon High seniors building traditions for their school and setting theContinue reading “High School Parking Spot Art”

Rural Settlements

In Orange County, we have 21 Rural Settlements. As we sprawl out and land values keep skyrocketing, it is crucial that we keep our promise to residents who bought into rural spaces. Rural settlements provide value beyond aesthetics: they serve as critical recharge points for our aquifer, air purification zones, and economic drivers of agriculture.Continue reading “Rural Settlements”


At a gender affirming care rally last weekend, hateful individuals displayed signs that said “Stop Grooming Kids” with a Star of David. QAnon and related conspiracies are rooted in the idea that Jews are wealthy pedophiles trying to run the world and that the ‘Jewish/LGBTQ+/immigrant/etc. Agenda’ is out to replace you. There is no ‘agenda.’Continue reading “Nazism”