Demanding Principled Political Leaders

With elections at every level around the corner, we ask citizens to stay vigilant, research candidates, and vote. The character of our politicians, their willingness to be transparent and what they choose to conceal all matters. Democracy is fragile and requires your participation. Make sure to check your voter registration and vote in the primaries,Continue reading “Demanding Principled Political Leaders”

Public Lands – Protected, Not Plundered

On June 14th, the St. Johns River Water Management District temporarily halted plans to sell over 18,000 acres of public conservation land stretching from Orlando to Jacksonville. “Temporarily” must become “permanently”—the land, which includes Orange County’s Hal Scott Regional Preserve, is not a private commodity. Natural lands are an irreplaceable resource, not a surplus toContinue reading “Public Lands – Protected, Not Plundered”

Rent Stabilization and the Need for a More Accessible Code

The Orlando Metropolitan Area, encompassing Orange County, has seen rents rise at an unprecedented rate year over year. On Tuesday, the Board discussed possibilities for rent stabilization, policy requiring rent increase notice, as well as strategies to increase housing supply. Housing issues are urgent. Moving ahead, I look forward to a robust special session relatingContinue reading “Rent Stabilization and the Need for a More Accessible Code”

Rural Settlements

Last Tuesday, the Lake Avalon Rural Settlement was protected from a detrimental intrusion. Orange County has 21 rural settlements, and all of them serve essential functions including preserving rurality in the ever-developing corners of Orange County, maintaining green spaces, and facilitating aquifer recharge. These communities are constantly threatened by encroaching development. Large scale projects threatenContinue reading “Rural Settlements”

Pride Month

June marks the beginning of pride month, a month of celebration and reflection for the LGBTQ+ community. This designation commemorates the 1969 Stonewall Riots and first Pride march in 1970. Here in Orlando, this month also marks the anniversary of the Pulse massacre, reinforcing the need to keep marching, organizing and advocating for our LGBTQ+Continue reading “Pride Month”