Conserving our natural places for future generations.

Part of what makes Central Florida so beautiful is the ample green space. Without our parks and conservation lands, Central Florida would be just like any other metropolitan area. With Orange County’s overwhelming support for Split Oak Forest on election day, we vow to defend our conservation lands.

Local Environment

Central Florida is blessed with dedicated conservation areas and local leaders and volunteers who devote their time to protecting Orange County’s wild places.


Conservation gives much needed habitat space for wildlife. As Orange County develops, wildlife is increasingly displaced. Providing specific areas for conservation allows wildlife to find a home and gives them much needed space to maintain Florida’s biodiversity.

Outdoor Activity

Dedicated Natural Lands are great for outdoor activities like hiking – and give people a chance to get up close and personal with the natural world.

Promoting Sustainable Landscapes

The plants you choose to plant in your yard can make a big difference in Florida’s environmental health. Including native Florida plants in your landscaping plan helps to keep invasive species from taking over, and provides pollinators and other beneficial species with food sources. Also important is limiting the use of chemical fertilizers to protect our water systems.

Meet Our Partners in Conservation

Florida Native Plant Society

The Florida Native Plant Society works to preserve Florida’s unique species of native plants while educating people on their importance to local ecosystems. FNPS aims to provide reliable, science-based information about native plants and conservation across Florida.

Dedication to Preservation

Oakland nature preserve is a 150-acre area of land dedicated to the preservation of native wildlife like the box turtle and educating guests about the importance of environmental protection. Dedicated workers and volunteers maintain the Oakland Nature Preserve for its visitors and wildlife. We are proud to partner with the ONP as they do the hard work on the front lines of conservation to educate, protect and preserve the wonderful wildlife of Central Florida.