Economic Growth and Inclusion

True growth means closing income gaps and benefitting all people in an equitable way.

So much of the conversation surrounding economic growth revolves around raw numbers and statistics, neglecting the people that our economy must serve. While Florida’s economy has boomed, many have been left behind.

Gender Wage Gap

Commissioner Wilson is committed to closing the wage gap between men and women in District 1. Through collaboration and partnership, Wilson is working to find solutions that allow greater economic access for women.

Livable Wage

No economic growth can be considered successful if those at the bottom of the income distribution struggle to make ends meet. There is no reason that someone working full time should struggle to pay for rent, food, and other necessities with little to nothing left over for their savings. Commissioner Wilson is working to advocate for a livable minimum wage that benefits hard working people throughout the district.

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Equal Opportunity

Regardless of race, background, sexual orientation or gender identity, everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed. Commissioner Wilson is working to end workplace discrimination which hinders the advancement of minority groups and creates systematic economic oppression.

UCF Business Incubation Program

Solving problems of inequality, pollution, and climate change cannot be achieved without innovation. That’s why Commissioner Wilson is proud that Orange County funds programs like the University of Central Florida’s Business Incubation Program. This program provides the tools for young entrepreneurs to think outside of the box to find innovative solutions around which to build their businesses, and continues providing support even after initial launch.

National Entrepreneurial Center

 The Entrepreneur center started in 2003, when Orange County Government, The University of Central Florida, and The Walt Disney Company collaborated to launch our unified approach to growing our small business economy. Through a cooperative effort of a diverse group of organizations, we offer easy access to professional business assistance, quality educational programming, and practical industry expertise.

Community Action Board

Commissioner Wilson is proud to serve on Orange County’s Community Action Board under the Children and Family Services Department. In her capacity as a board member, Commissioner Wilson advocates for Orange County’s most vulnerable citizens and ensures that their voice is heard.

Bizlink Orange

Bizlink Orange provides free listings for entrepreneur support organizations to accelerate the growth and development of Central Florida’s small business community.These resources allow entrepreneurs and small business owners to connect to a growing network of primarily nonprofit resource partners offering a wide variety of business-building services for small businesses.