Equality and Equity

Protecting Equality for District 1

Despite years of creating a powerful movement for equality in our country, people remain marginalized. Many suffer from violence, discrimination and fear. Regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, people of all types, particularly, LGBTQ and trans, are to be treated as full and equal citizens

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Everyone must have a voice in our community. Sexual orientation and gender identity must not be disqualifying factors for any aspect of society. In District 1, everyone deserves a voice and to feel safe and supported.

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Unfortunately, discrimination for marginalized members of our society is rampant. It is our responsibility to protect vulnerable and marginalized people and ensure that they feel secure and able to live freely.

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Moving Forward

We hope to foster a safe and inclusive community for all people in District 1. Diversity is important and all people must be treated equally if we are to succeed as a community.