Shaded by old oaks, Gotha is an ideal place for outdoor activity.

Gotha stands as a peaceful rural historical community known for its lakes, outstanding schools, and for being a natural oasis just ten minutes from Downtown Orlando. Naming Gotha after his own hometown, German Immigrant H.A. Hempel founded Gotha in 1885 after settling there in search of opportunities to farm citrus and enjoy the area’s excellent weather. Gotha’s historic buildings stand as a reminder of the area’s long history and roots as a rural settlement. Even as Central Florida has grown  and adapted to the times, Gotha has retained its historic charm and natural landscapes. Along main street Hempel, Palm Cottage Gardens is a popular attraction listed on the National Register of Historical Places and was home to Dr. Henry Nerhling, one of Gotha’s most prominent early residents who introduced many new plant species to the United States. Gotha’s Community Center is housed in the building that was once the town’s one room schoolhouse. Gotha’s leisurely pace of life is perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors, and its community park is a great place for outdoor activities.-sustaining villages that provide housing close to regional workplaces and community services. 


Welcome to the Gotha Community!

Gotha is a community located in Orange County between Windermere and Ocoee and has a population of approximately 2,041. This historical community began with the settlement of H.A. Hempel, a German immigrant who named the community after his hometown by the same name in Germany. Hempel wished to set up a German colony in Florida in the land he had purchased, so the settlement was founded in 1885. In the 1900s, people from different backgrounds moved to Gotha, which was particularly attractive for citrus growers. Many landmarks remain today from the early years of the community, such as the one-room schoolhouse founded in 1916 (now a community center) and a Post Office that opened in 1883. Not only is this community rich in history, but it has also made an impact with some memorable names such as the painter Bob Ross who was layed to rest in Gotha, and the scientist Dr. Henry Nehrling who created the historic Palm Cottage Gardens.


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