Horizon West

Development and Innovation.

Horizon West stands on what was formerly citrus groves. After the devastating freezes of the 1980’s destroyed the area’s citrus trees, it was clear that alternative uses for the land would need to be found. Local leaders and planners rose to the challenge in 1994 and created an ambitious plan to develop a community using the principles of Garden Cities and New Urbanism. Horizon West was conceived as a community which would center self-sustaining, mixed use villages around elementary schools as the focus of each community. Today, Horizon West stands as a triumph of urban planning. Residents enjoy unmatched access to local amenities practically at their doorstep and commercial office spaces and a town center are within close proximity to high density residential areas. 

Horizon West has won numerous state and regional awards for planning, including recognition from the State of Florida as a Sector Plan; the first Sector Plan to be approved in the State. Horizon West provides a meaningful alternative to the leapfrog development pattern of sprawl by creating self-sustaining villages that provide housing close to regional workplaces and community services. 



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