Orange County District 1 is full of diverse landscapes and people. We are striving to address some of the most pressing issues. Check out below what some of those are.

Smart Growth

Every year, more and more people are moving to Central Florida. Lots of development is taking place right here in District 1. We believe that smart growth is the key to sustainable communities. This involves preparing for the future and anticipating the needs of future Orange County residents. As communities grow, our goal is to take into account the natural resources needed, flood plains, school capacity, commuting times to work, and local economies.

Equality and Equity

Despite years of creating a powerful movement for equality in our country, people remain marginalized. Many suffer from violence, discrimination and fear. Regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, people of all types, particularly, LGBTQ and trans, are to be treated as full and equal citizens.

Social Justice

Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Dana Martin, and George Floyd are some of many people who were victims of social injustice. Right outside our district, the Ocoee Massacre took place in 1920, but it took 100 years before the whole story was told and fully acknowledged in 2020.

Economic Growth and Inclusion

With all the development and growth happening in Central Florida, accessibility to adequate paying jobs is essential. Without a livable wage and benefits, people struggle to have their basic needs met. Low-wage jobs coupled with the Pandemic is making it harder for Central Floridians to make ends meet. Diversifying our economy in Central Florida means more opportunity for the people who work here. Through collaboration and partnership, we hope to gradually fill the income gap.

Physical and Mental Health

We often make a distinction between the “mind” and “body.” But when talking about health, the two go hand in hand. Poor physical health can affect our mental health and vice versa. During these trying times with an unyielding pandemic, there is help available. Click here for available resources and do not hesitate to reach out to our office for help navigating these tools.

Homelessness, Children, and Families

Homelessness is a persistent issue here in District 1, and one we believe needs innovative solutions. Solving homelessness involves more than just providing affordable housing. It also requires providing support and care for the most vulnerable members of our community.

Animal Rights

Often forgotten, animals are an important part of life here in Florida and around the world. Whether discussing the endangered Florida Panther, the common sandhill crane, or our pet cats, dogs and rabbits, animal rights must be protected.


Part of what makes Central Florida so beautiful is the ample green space. Without our parks and conservation lands, Central Florida would be just like any other metropolitan area. With Orange County’s overwhelming support for Split Oak Forest on election day, we vow to defend our conservation lands.

Water Quality and Accessibility

Living in Florida, it’s easy to take for granted the luscious springs, lakes and rivers. But what was an abundance before, is now in peril. All rivers in Orange County and 75% of our largest lakes are impaired.

The good news

Recently, in Orange County, Charter Amendment #1 passed and holds corporations and government entities accountable when they knowingly pollute our waters.