Conservation and harmony.

Oakland is surrounded by enormous moss-draped oak trees and is located on the southern shores of Lake Apopka. Incorporated in 1887, Oakland now has about 2,200 residents within its quiet, serene country atmosphere. During a time of great growth in the region during the 1880s, Oakland emerged as the center of commerce in west Orange County, and in 1887 the town was incorporated. Today, Oakland stands as a peaceful haven for those who love living in close proximity with nature.



The first post office in Oakland was built in 1860, the same year that construction on a two story inn was completed. At that time the area was an important midpoint for travelers between Sanford and Tampa. Like much of Central Florida, Oakland was attractive to citrus growers who quickly bought up land by hundreds of acres to grow oranges. By negotiating with railroad builders, owners of Oakland’s citrus groves were able to secure a connection by rail in 1886. This would allow their citrus crops to be more easily transported to lucrative markets. As industrialization in Oakland expanded and the area developed, an increasing strain was placed on the town’s environment. Lake Apopka became polluted, resulting in devastating fish kills caused by farm runoff into the lake. In 1996, the Florida State Legislature passed The Lake Apopka Restoration Act, aimed at bringing the lake back to health. The Act allocated funding to buyout the lake’s surrounding muck farms that were allowing pollution to run into the lake.

Oakland Nature Preserve

Oakland’s proud legacy of conservation and environmental stewardship is alive and well today through organizations like the Oakland Nature Preserve. Oakland nature preserve is a 150-acre area of land dedicated to the preservation of native wildlife like the box turtle and educating guests about the importance of environmental protection. Dedicated workers and volunteers maintain the Oakland Nature Preserve for its visitors and wildlife.


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