Smart Growth

Sustainable, Smart Development

District 1

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Central Florida is uniquely situated with astounding biodiversity. Old oak forests and wetlands are home to many species of plants and animals which flourish in our region’s warm climate. The flora and fauna which make their homes in Central Florida exist in a precarious balance. We aim to guide the sustainable development of District 1, bridging the gap between economic growth and the preservation and enrichment of our local biodiversity. Sustainability is not only essential for our local wildlife, but also for the ability of future generations of Floridians to be able to live happy and healthy lives.

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We believe that development can be smart. Urban sprawl has eaten into our local wildlife habitats, decreasing Florida’s biodiversity and limiting the opportunities of home ownership for lower and middle class Floridians by shutting them out of the housing market. Commissioner Wilson is working to provide smarter alternatives to growth in District 1 that include innovative housing solutions to meet the needs of her constituents while also creating equitable opportunities for those shut out of prosperity by the status quo.

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District 1 is an immensely diverse place. The tapestry of people that call Central Florida home is one of the reasons that makes it such a great place to live. Different cultures, orientations and viewpoints can all have a voice. All members of society must have equal access to education, health services, information, and resources they need to succeed. We strive to protect our District’s diversity because we believe doing so enriches our community for everyone.

Smart Growth for District 1


The people of District 1 are the driving force behind our unique community landscapes. Central Florida is a richly diverse place and we aim to embrace that diversity with open arms each and every day.


Our natural environment exists in a precarious balance. As District 1 Commissioner, it is my mission to foster economic growth while also maintaining and improving our local biodiversity and habitats.


Economic growth is essential for our community, but we believe that it is only possible when all members of our society are benefited. Innovative housing solutions are the key to equitable growth in our district.


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