Social Justice

Social Justice for All

Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Dana Martin, and George Floyd are some of many people who were victims of social injustice. Right outside our district, the Ocoee Massacre took place in 1920, but it took 100 years before the whole story was told and fully acknowledged in 2020. Social justice means righting the wrongs of the past and giving marginalized members of our community a voice where they didn’t have one before. It also means protecting the rights of all people, regardless of their race, identity, or orientation.

Florida Rising

Focused on giving a voice to marginalized communities across the state, Florida Rising is an organization dedicated to advocating for the rights of minorities, women, and the homeless. We are proud to partner with Florida Rising in their fight to secure racial justice in our state’s political system, and believe in their mission of driving change through the power of people working together toward common goals.

“We build independent political power that centers historically marginalized communities so everyday Floridians shape the future.”

– Florida Rising

Central Florida Jobs with Justice

CFJWJ is an organization that believes “all workers should have collective bargaining rights, employment security, and a decent standard of living within an economy that works for everyone.” CFJWJ works with local leaders and community organization to advocate for change for workers throughout Central Florida.

“The only way we can make change is if we stand united.”

– Central Florida Jobs with Justice

Farmworker Association of Florida

As proud partners of the Farmworker Association of Florida, we stand with their vision of supporting the rights of our state’s vital farmworkers. Throughout the state, farmworkers work in often dangerous conditions for low pay to afford the food security which our state’s food security.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.