A diverse community working together.

Tildenville is considered one of the oldest and smallest cities in Orange County. This community is famous for its rich family histories and events that build over the time a very important heritage. Luther F. Tilden came to Orange County from the north in 1875. He purchased 561 acres in an area in unincorporated Orange County later named Tildenville and became a leading citrus grower. Tildenville started being developed from that time.

Tildenville is a small community located near Winter Garden along Avalon Road, with approximately a population of 447 people, and founded in 1876 by Luther Tilden. A citrus grower from New York, Tilden purchased the plot of land in Orange County that would later become Tildenville. Luther and his family helped the community grow by funding schools and churches in the area as this was a rural place dedicated to agriculture, particularly citrus growing. Many things have changed since then as Orlando has been expanding for years. This means that new infrastructure projects and a growing population that no longer lives exclusively on cultivation have developed. A prime example of this is the construction of Florida’s turnpike along Tildenville and the new homes built in the area, expanding population, commerce, and real estate. However, despite the changes over the years, Tildenville has retained its small community charm. Tildenville is still a little community that while enduring tremendous changes, and has still prospered to this day.


Tildenville Safe Neighborhood Committee

Tildenville’s Safe Neighborhood Committee is an initiative that brings community leaders together to reach their 5 main goal groups: Crime prevention, beautification, neighborhood improvements, outreach, and organization. Through community outreach and communication, the Safe Neighborhood Committee aims to make life in Tildenville as enjoyable as it can be for all residents.


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