District 1 has the fastest-growing population in Orange County, yet our many locales maintain a strong and unique sense of identity! Embracing our neighbors new and old while maintaining an active role in shaping our future is what my community is all about.

Our well-being is quantified in so many ways. As your representative in Orange County, I aim to allocate our resources in ways that can tangibly make your life better. Issues like affordable housing, healthcare access, educational opportunities, transit mobility, and economic security maintain priority when legislating.

Protecting Nature (image of alligator in water.)

Central Florida has some of the most beautiful and threatened ecosystems on Earth. Finding a balance between the needs of all of our inhabitants isn’t easy. Through good governance and consideration of all parties involved, we’re working to protect the environment that defines our home but has fallen victim to irresponsible growth.

Check out our Annual Report from 2021! Thank you for all you have given me this year.