This page is intended to be a resource for our constituents to see the policies we have accomplished and those are we continually working on.

Above all, responsible land use is environmentalism. As sprawl continues to create traffic, isolate communities, and more, we are fighting for good land use practices. Schools, roads, parks, police, and fire should be able to handle new residents before the new subdivisions come. We are fighting for this every day.

What we have done
  • Pro- Smart Growth
  • When Case # PSP-20-12-353 came to the Board, I moved to deny it on the grounds of irresponsible development. In the process, I was out-voted by fellow Commissioners who do not know District 1 and it became apparent that many Commissioners are unaware of how our development process works.
  • When this development, Case # CDR-21-03-091, came before us, I recognized the opportunity for smart growth. This development was already approved for 300 multifamily units and 300 timeshare units. The question before us was to re-configure the timeshare units to be multifamily, for a total of 600 multifamily units near US 192. My hope is that this will be used as essential workforce housing. This is segment 27 in the BCC.

Where we want to go
  • Working on a tree protection ordinance which will:
    • Protect trees inside HOAs
    • Have stronger protections for trees which are larger and older
    • Reduce mass grading
    • Require preservation of valuable tree species
    • Incentivize preservation of as many trees as possible
    • Create tighter timelines for development once a permit is approved instead of allowing piles of fill dirt to sit for weeks and pollute our air and water
  • Every water body in Orange County is impaired. We are leading the charge on a stronger fertilizer ordinance supported by Sierra Club which would:
    • Disallow heavy use of nitrogen fertilizers during the Florida rainy season to prevent run-off or increase percentage of slow-releasing fertilizers
    • Improve the cleanliness and safety of our water bodies
  • We are working on an Urban Agriculture Ordinance similar to that of the City of Orlando. Urban agriculture is essential to upgrade our food system resiliency. As shown by the COVID-19 pandemic, our supply chains can be easily disrupted, causing major issues in our food system. Having more food locally will ease the pressure on our system.