Reminder of New Watering Rules

We rely on your to help save our aquifer. From now until March 11, 2023, watering residential lawns drops to once a week . Watering between 10:00am and 4:00pm leads to rapid evaporation and less absorption, so try to water overnight and not for more than an hour. Orange County homes with odd-numbered addresses waterContinue reading “Reminder of New Watering Rules”

Ocoee Massacre

Last week, our community remembered the Ocoee Massacre of 1920. The Ocoee Massacre has been described as the single bloodiest day in modern American political history. The violence perpetrated on black residents in Ocoee was an effort to suppress their votes and preserve white supremacy. We must honor the victims of this horrible event byContinue reading “Ocoee Massacre”

Breathe Through Politics

Regardless of political affiliation, this election was emotionally draining for many people. Our democracy is by the people and for the people, yet insidious conspiracies recently found a foothold in the process giving some folks a reason to stay home on election day. We have to reclaim our democracy and begin to rebuild a civilContinue reading “Breathe Through Politics”

Election Information

Ahead of Election Day, it is important to protect yourself from election misinformation. Ask yourself some basic questions before believing or sharing information. Did the information come from an advertisement? Can it be verified by more than one source? Reliable sources will always be transparent about how they gather information. Distinguishing between opinion pieces andContinue reading “Election Information”

Youth Gun Violence

Over the weekend, our community saw several shootings by and between young people. We cannot become desensitized to gun violence tragedy and we have to look for every opportunity to prevent gun violence. Until meaningful gun safety legislation is passed, we should focus on youth and community-based programming as well as mental health resources. ItContinue reading “Youth Gun Violence”